Thursday, October 18, 2012

Obama slams Romney on economy !!!

                              OBAMA SLAMS ROMNEY ON ECONOMY !!!!!

The media has gone mad:
Yesterday i went to the gas station and as i was paying my $4.10/gal. gas bill i happen to look at the headline in my local paper sitting on the counter..and it stunned me, and yet everything became more clear than it ever has to me. (about the debate)


But it's Obama who is in control , he's the president isn't he?....
  it's Obama's lousy economy. It's Obama who has been in control for the last 4 years...spending our money,dispersing guns to drug lords,putting distance between us and Israel, bowing to saudi princes,calling us divisive,shutting down pipe line deals, blocking coal production, bailing out General Motors while forcing them to make cars that nobody wants whilst  freezing out stock holders. (They got nothing)
Crushing up thousands of perfectly good used cars, so that,because of the scarcity, prices of  used cars are impossible for young people to pay for (forcing them to lease or ride a bicycle)..and then  throwing billions of dollars of our money into bankrupt green energy companies like Solyndra and more....piling on staggering debt.

 Romney is a citizen just like any other . He holds no office , no power to release permits ,no power to tax or  set power to wage war..and yet here it is

This is the media gone mad. I knew that already ,but it became crystal clear in that moment.
There is a little black cloud over this nation and it's name is OBAMA..but he is not the beginning or the end. This fight will continue long after Obama is gone in three weeks.