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Today i have been snooping around the net looking at comments some fine people have left about Sarah Palin. Every one of them rang with the fire of truth, saying it i compiled them here , to let you know .  Shout it from the mountain tops...SARAH PALIN IS THE ONE !!
They know it on the left ,and you  damn well better find it out ,if you want to save this country,from this wretched president we have..

Pretty Bells ,but nothing more.
The Obama plan..
Lie,cheat,and keep on lying..then throw the dogs a bone..
The end justifies the means 
  Everyone in America is not a fool for the "Obama traveling salvation circus".

Writing for "the daily beast" Jedediah bila writes: (read the link to article) below
 But the passion on the part of some to try to tear her down is like nothing I’ve seen in my lifetime. I don’t always catch a glimpse of the woman who scares the daylights out of them. But every now and then I do.

on Big Government .com ..SHAGGATHA wrote:
      Upon weighing all of the evidence I am of the belief that Sarah Palin is as qualified, competent and capable of being president as anyone who has run for or served in that office in the last hundred years. Do I think I am more capable of judging these things than the political pundits or the clowns in the left wing media circus? Looking back on my going on seven decades on earth, if there is one area where I trust my own judgement it is distinguishing intelligence from intellectual pretense. I've seen my initial impressions borne out repeatedly. I shouldn't have to say this but the brains on the 2008 McCain/Palin ticket were in the latter's head.

On "Big"voted against Carter" wrote:
       The Leftwing nut LIBRATARDS know in their bones that Sarah Palin,...
IS Ronald Reagan ALL OVER AGAIN. IT TERRIFIES them to no end.
ESPECIALLY the ones who are OLD enough to remember Reagan.
So they are trying with EVERY thing they have to,...
destroy her in a pre-emptive strike.
If you have heard her recent WI speech you understand.
Sarah Palin REALLY IS the real deal.
Not some pre-packaged made up configuration like their hero Barry.
The Left senses this and has reacted like expected.
IF she runs against barry in 2012,…
She WILL CRUSH him with indisputable numbers.
Compared to barry she is Exactly what America will NEED to repair
ALL of the damage wrought by the Dumb-O-cRATs and barry and his UNION masters.
This is ONE MORE REASON America NEED's Sarah Palin NOW more than EVER.
And I can NOT stress this enough,...
Sarah Palin IS ONE of the ONLY women IN the REPUBLICAN PARTY,...
With the "B A L L S" to tell Barry and his UNION masters,...
AND the Dumb-O-cRATs to SHOVE their agenda were the sun does NOT SHINE!!.

On " lonestar1 said:
      She’s got the fire in the belly and we have a fever, Palin fever.
     Run Sarah Run!

 On " Sheet anchor wrote:
     Latest polls show her 12 points down, and her support among Republican voters will grow, as she unfolds an aggressive campaign about the truth of her record, and articulates her policy positions, as she has been doing for in excess of the last year on her Facebook page, and numerous policy speeches here and abroad.
Twelve points down is nothing with the kind of grass roots support that she will generate. There are only two individuals who can pack a stadium: one is the President of the United States; the other is Governor Sarah Palin. She is as tough as nails, possesses an iron will, an unyielding determination, and a happy warrior spirit, and that is why President Obama and the Democratic Party supporters in the main stream media have had her in the cross hairs for the last two years. They fear Governor Palin
The Democratic establishment expects Governor Palin will come out swinging, and once she starts, she will not relent. They know she can win this fight for America’s soul, and future.

On "the daily D Mac8889 wrote:
  Sarah Palin will come out demolishing everything that is Obama. She will jump into Class Warfare and Party Warfare. She will be the first to announce a Pro-Growth (see Flat Tax)agenda. Her followers will be present at any rally she chooses and the media will be overwhelmed with every angle that is Sarah Palin that the other candidates will be left in the dust. She will arrive in Iowa with the entire Press Corps waiting for every sound bite. The political race for President will OFFICIAL begin. If the Pundits want to be taken seriously they will keep their mouths shut. Their argument of not being able to beat Obama, is senseless and even reckless talk. There is no Republican at this moment is going to beat Obama. Only Obama can beat Obama. Sarah’s background as the nation’s governor with the highest approval rating can only be reinforced with the results of Alaska’s current financial situation. Alaska $12 Billion surplus is a direct result of Sarah’s AGIA and ACES platform. She all passed ethics reform that has kept the FBI out of Alaska for the first time in its history. The Quitter, LIAR, mean-spirited, lunatic, profoundly stupid, and any of the Tabloid nonsense will buzz around her not landing a glove. Republicans as well as Conservatives are desperate to find someone to galvanize behind. She will make it obvious she is the one. She always has been, but those from the BETTER America believe they are too good for her and her followers and they will leave ‘Kicking and Screaming’ they cannot support her, making sure everyone NOTICES THEM. Who cares? They don’t get it is not about their image of a President, but Sarah is a leader (obviously) that has spent her adult life overcoming all the impossible obstacles that our culture can throw at you and she has been an executive her entire adult life, where she has been held responsible for her decisions and her alone. She has had to make the tough call (as she is face with one now)always in the public eye, and the results have not only benefited her, but always made her surroundings a more prosperous and better place to be. She reached out from the far travels of Alaska and routinely showed up where requested to give Republican candidates a boost to victory. She could have seriously damaged the GOP, and that is still within her capability, but instead she brought a wounded GOP together to win an unprecedented 2010 election.
Compare to other GOP candidates who have not been heard from in three years, even though a Romney had first hand knowledge in the Obama Care debate and stayed silent. Republicans and the T.E.A. Party could have used his voice to challenge the Bill, and in fact may have defeated the Bill had he used his knowledge and was outspoken. Silence from him only let us know he was protecting his image, allowing all the Liberal and GOP arrows to come at Sarah. She is the TRUE fighter, the true leader, and someone the National Political Scene has never seen. She is the answer to the GOP Prayers. We’ll worry about Obama when the time is appropriate.

On "the Daily ....Wodie said:
Gov. Sarah Heath Palin has been underestimated her entire life from playing on her HS basketball team all the way up to the present. I was not aware she had been invited and attended the apparently “who’s who” garden brunch.
While no one knows what Gov. Palin’s decision will be, I can’t help but hope her announcement will be that she is running and her long awaited announcement is one of strategic purposes. The media and liberals squandered any chance of beating Palin out of a chance for competing against their boy wonder by mindlessly attacking her for two years.
As Gov. Palin recently said, “GAME ON.” Those idiots have no idea what they are in for…LOL

Remember, the truth burns like a wildfire..... . AND EVEN THE GATES OF HELL CANNOT STAND AGAINST IT !!

SARAH PALIN 2012....
Stand with her,Help in any way you can, Believe in America again. This is the country of men like George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, not Karl Marx, and Chairman Mao.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter..(Martin Luther King)


But the passion on the part of some to try to tear her down is like nothing I’ve seen in my lifetime. I don’t always catch a glimpse of the woman who scares the daylights out of them. But every now and then I do.

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