Monday, September 19, 2011

Greta Van Sustern stands up for women. It has been far to long in coming. Tucker Carlson is shown to be a pig.

                                                 GRETA VAN SUSTERN I SALUTE YOU
                                            THE DAILY CALLER IS NOW MUD TO ME

An open letter to Greta Van Sustern:
What you did was absolutely right giving Carlson hell....I am sick to death of these conservative freaks.
 For the rest of these people posting on telling you ,you were wrong..

 ..Your interviewing Tyson is quite different than posting a non story of a personal filthy, ridiculing,and mocking comment, in an obscure interview. There was no condemnation that it was vile by this pig Carlson, until he got flak.. I'm sure the MILF lover was in total agreement. At the very least he shows little respect for Sarah..
He wanted to make sure the whole world knew what was said,and i believe he did it gleefully..
. You, on the other hand, simply gave a convicted man who did his time ,the chance to speak, and maybe rehabilitate did nothing wrong..
 VERY ,VERY ,VERY , DIFFERENT. I don't believe these people are that stupid not to know the difference.

 Enough is enough . No more sitting on your hands. Stand up, and speak your mind against this...
nasty  mocking ,ridiculing ,and lying , that has become common place in America.. Not done in humor ,but done to destroy...
We do not have to take it !!

TUCKER CARLSON is one of those people that bite at the ankles ,then hide in the bushes and holler "Who me !!!!" when he is called out for it.
 MANY OF THESE PHONIES IN WASHINGTON ARE PAID SHILLS.   We will never really know their motives,but it's usually power ,or money.
 Carlson put this quote up not to defend Palin,he doesn't give a damn for Palin. I have listened to his lukewarm comments to many times.
Then to pull a bait and switch on Greta and try to turn the tables on her disgust,by using distraction.
  Greta's interview of Tyson was of a man who had paid his dues , was shown respect ,and was given a second chance to rehabilitate himself. One which he has now forfeited. His high school trash talk is proof he is still a man child inside.
Tucker Carlson's tactics  show you that Saul Alinsky still lives in many hearts and minds. Right ,Left ,and center.
 Let us uncover this festering wound ,and let the poison out. Especially in the Republican party. 
America has become a country of mock, ridicule ,and hate..and it is time for good men to speak out.
Thank you Greta for speaking out. I salute you.


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