Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Maybe them loons was right about Fox news.

My letter to Sean Hannity ,whom i respect very much..

Sean Hannity:
Frankly, i am pissed off. Dana Perino and Stuart Varney (on your show last night), tell you that the
only "GROUNDSWELL" for a presidential candidate this season  has been Chris "Cringle" Christie.. Ho Ho Ho..ain't that a gasser?

Sure if you were  a great self centered insider from "New Yawk city", whom the rest of us are frankly sick to death of.
 I hear nobody calling for Christie but them.. When i say Christie , the people i know say .."Who the hell is he?" Oh, he's one of dem New Jersey-ites we're supposed to be ga ga over. (yuk yuk )..cause the politicos say so. I prefer Snookie myself. At least she is honest about what she is. But he told the people to "get the hell off the beach ,the hurricane is comin" OH MY !!!
And how is that so wonderful, and presidential? Is that a cheap thrill for you New Yawkers. Where i come from he's just a big mouth.

YOU PEOPLE FROM NEW YORK CITY HAVE A HELL OF A HIGH OPINION OF YOURSELVES DON'T YOU. You don't speak for America Mr. New Yawker. I have been to New York many times and you ain't better than nobody.

Tell me why these political T.V. people insist on "dumping" on Sarah Palin. It would appear to be a cowardly act to me.
I can think of no reason,but i feel a whole lot of animosity coming from retread
democrats like Krauthammer,and Morris. Along with the men who helped drain
this country dry,like Rove. Many others have joined the chorus. Including the pouter O'reilly who never misses a chance to dunn for his books. This guy is a walking Eagle . (A BIRD SO FULL OF SHIT HE CAN'T FLY).. And..

Come on Mr. newsman ,i know Juan Williams is a pity hire. He has as much to contribute as my comatose neighbor who sits on his back porch eating cheese whiz and crackers all summer watching Andy of Mayberry reruns through his window.. your the nasty one Williams.
You told us on Hannity some months back  that Sarah would make a fool of herself debating Obama. He's such a genius.... Who's the nasty one now ,big shot?

NEW YAWK CITY TO WASHINGTON BACK BITING. In their comfy little nests. (now, including far to many on Fox news, i am sad to say)

Please excuse my anger but Sarah Palin is exactly what this country needs.
And if she runs i am going to work like hell to make sure she wins. Despite these pricks.

 And you can bet i have never been political in my 58 years on this good earth..
 A woman or man like this comes along "once in a lifetime"..If these fools can't see that, they have
no business talking politics. For they can't see what's in front of their
face. Or maybe they do see ,and that is the real trouble. The mask is coming
off these freaks, and i am shocked at what i see.

We can restore this country . Aren't you sick of this greed,corruption, pork,buying of favors.(etc)
Do not be afraid to make this country great again. It would never happen
with the likes of Chris Christie. To me ,he's a big bag of wind.

Sarah Palin's message is the right message. And i hear it.


By the way ..13 year old Morgan Keene's version of "Minstrel Boy" is much better to me than the Amanda version. Her version is nowhere to be found . Hmmmmmm.

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