Tuesday, August 7, 2012

sick of the Progressive and his war on everything American


Having just watched the trash spewing men and women of the Obama propaganda machine rapping on the history channel about the awful world we are living in,and how we have to give it the old college try  rah ,rah rah,and all will be green and beautiful , with cars that are like shopping carts. You will just pick one up and drop one off when you need it, and someone else will take yours , (OH, THOSE HAPPY DAYS) and we will all share everything in a beautiful daisey chain.......La di da...(cuckoo cuckoo)...and their greedy little pockets will be filled.

After watching this, i hope we are ready to declare war on this society gone out of control. Led by all sorts of looney freaks given a platform by dregs like Obama. More comfortable at the circus side show than in running this great country.

. Shut your face Mr. Washington Post,Mr. Hollywood trash, and Mr. "line my pockets with silver" Global freaks"...I am sick to death of you. 
.Now ,it's Levi Johnston The scum sucking pig again in the limelight being used like the "useful idiot" he is. ALL FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY..

You have reached my tipping point ,and i will work harder to rid this nation of you, root and branch. 

 Who's next you progressive scum? Some were getting tired of the fight and we  need more motivation to weed you out for good.. So keep your big mouths flapping,i know you can't help yourselves.

Rah Rah Rah


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