Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obama's "SPUTNIK" moment (mired in turtle tunnels)

The Emperor has finally shown himself to be naked.
The state of the union speech Monday night was his attempt to confuse his political views ,under a barrage of pandering rhetoric, and waffling "investment" platitudes, that should leave you shaking your heads.
You would have to be slightly deranged to climb on the "yes we can" train,after two years of gorging ,and gouging ,the AMERICAN PEOPLE.
The price of this ticket is much to high.

“Sputnik” was a Soviet satellite. The first object man had hurled into outer space, and was used in this country as a curmudgeon to beat over the heads of Republicans ,and president Eisenhower ,by Democrats. (Just as they have done in the case of the Tucson murders). They tried to play upon the people's fears. The fear that The Soviet's would take us over. (The Commies did ,but through our education system))

There was not all this shaking ,and crying in the streets ,they would have you believe.
 Yes, it was a great feat,of course. And the space program brought about great innovations,after many years, not by a government ,but by entrepreneurs, and inventors. Citizens of America. Capitalists.
 (Now our goal is,according to Obama, to land on an asteroid). (sic)

It can never happen again ,with this man at the wheel ,because his agenda "is"
the job killer. He believes in Government , Sarah Palin believes in people. He is the reason we are floundering behind other countries ,in unemployment. His use of a super majority ,for the last two solid years has been atrocious.

I struggle to find anything this man has done, that is not steeped in selfish ,and shameless ,self promotion, and hustling for votes. Is there more ?..Please tell me ,i am curious as to why,having seen the last two years of his agenda,that you would find him believable,or even capable.

So many moments where i scratch my head in disbelief:
How can you forget ,that he uses NASA, to prop up the "psyche" of Muslim nations, and has an ambition to land on an asteroid one fine ,sunny ,day. That's his goal?
I'd laugh here, but i can't find it amusing any more.

I dare to say,as others have, that Obama himself is our "Sputnik" moment ,and if we can leave him behind ,I'm sure we can work our way out of this mess.
He did not start this "progressive" mess that has been brewing ,but i am damn sure his governance will not turn it around.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand our problems ,but Barack Obama is incapable of understanding. He lives in place where lofty words, replace work ethic ,and thrift. Much like a man who spends all his money on lottery tickets ,while his family starves. Yes,much like communist Russia.

Again it's Sarah Palin who refutes the "pie in the sky" babbling of this president. And brings this "Sputnik" back down to earth.
At this time we need jobs ,not flash in the pan fireworks,and slight of hand magic tricks.

Sarah says ,rightfully so:
It's a "SPUDNUT" moment we need. The spudnut shop,in Richland ,Washinton...IT'S A BAKERY ,A LITTLE COFFEE SHOP,that has been successful,60 some years, generation,to generation, a family owned business,
not looking for government to bail them out,or make their decisions for them. Just hard working ,patriotic Americans ,in this shop. We need more "Spudnut" moments.
President Obama does not understand, in that heartland of America, what it is that really results in the solutions we need to get this country back on the right track.

If this has been the "Sputnik" moment for America, the way he has approached the last two years have been that of a dead fish ,going with the flow of an agenda come hell or high water.An agenda that found him,and Nancy Pelosi, building "Turtle Tunnels",and studying pig odors,at the cost of 800 billion dollars. Fiddling like children ,while the house burns under them. Not understanding the peril they are in. Or do they not care?

Obama needs to remember another moment in time. The one Communist Russia set course on ,when they began to drive themselves into enormous,unsustainable, debt. Just as every government,and empire,who has failed miserably, has done.
Let's not forget the lesson of the Soviet union's "Sputnik moment".It ushered in the slow collapse of their country. For they forgot one thing . Do not let the country fall into monumental debt,and disrepair.
One need only look to a big city like "DETROIT", to see how the "progressive,liberal" has handled himself. A city governed by Democrats for at least the last 60 years.. Do they have good intentions ,or are they simply opportunists? I believe the latter.
Just look to DETROIT.

It is a sinking ship they sail. We must wrestle this country away from their efforts to remake ,in their own image, the very first nation on this earth to leave behind Rulers ,Kingdoms,and Popes, and actually believe in free men ,and their capabilities. Not as sheep,under a "collective". Never as sheep to be molded ,and "Nudged", rendering their own minds useless.

Let's get one thing straight here. Solar panels , and windmills ,as deep as the ocean will not replace oil, in our lifetimes. We use oil in almost everything we produce. It is folly to think otherwise. I will go into great depth on this ,at another time.

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