Tuesday, January 25, 2011


What does Sarah Palin say about voting as opposed to violence...


MARCH 27,2010

Here is the video that they don't want you to see, or remember.
Beginning at 8 minutes in, she plainly states..(quote)

If we stick to our principles ,we're going to be just fine.
Now ,when i talk about,it's not a time to retreat ,it's a time to reload.
What i'm talking about,now media ,try to get this right ,ok?
that's not inciting violence ,what that is doing ,is trying to inspire people to get involved, in their local elections
and these upcoming federal elections,it's telling people that their arms are their vote,it's not inciting violence
it's telling people,don't ever let anybody tell you to sit down ,and shut up.
Americans ,you stand up ,and you stand tall,and we're just going to be fine".

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLtGx3wA5DU ..here is the link,if video does not work

Now ,this speech was given in Searchlight Nevada,last year, at a TEA PARTY RALLY. Does this sound like a revolutionary ,inciting violence?

Not to any rational human being. Those that have born "false witness" against this woman,and those who have supported the outlandish claims ,are not men at all ,but simply monsters, taking advantage of a tradegy to gain political hay.
And they must be shunned.

What we did see,at the rally, were HARRY REID supporters,standing on highway 95,outside of searchlight, holding up signs to misdirect Tea party Express protesters
in the wrong direction.
How ironic ,as that is the way Obama ,Reid ,and Pelosi have governed,for the last two miserable years. (sic)

Mr. Obama ,your fired !! ,in 2012. Don't forget these last two years, while Obama ,Pelosi ,and Reid ,gorged themselves on the fat of the land . Your hard earned tax dollars. No swing to the middle for self preservation will make up for their "sloth"


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