Thursday, November 3, 2011

Evil has no pity. Orlando Jones crosses the line.

This tweet is pure evil, disguised with a snicker and a  (: , and i bet this rotten son of a bitch  ORLANDO JONES thinks it is clever or funny.

 No matter. It is simply vicious, evil, and unconscionable.
 May those of you who have created a society where an attention seeking idiot like Orlando Jones thinks this is acceptable....
May you rot in hell for a thousand years,may you cry out for mercy ,may your suffering never end.
 For you have crossed the line with ugliness and hate. And you show no shame for it.
You need a good old fashioned horse whipping to start with.

For one thing we should be glad:
There have been a lot of rotten apples exposed in the last Three years. Including Coulter, and many on Fox news.(fair weather friends) A lot of Republicans that were suppose to be friends,and brothers , have revealed themselves as partners in this mad grab for power and money that has infected this country for at least 100 years..but has been around from the beginning of time..
 I am glad these people have crawled out of the woodwork ,and unmasked themselves. There is no one in America now who can say.."i didn't know " 

. All that have tried to do the right things in this world have either been Shot to death,crucified,or been ruined ,while the "so called" regular citizens not only are quiet ,many seem to relish joining in on the misery being created..and they are so cheap. For some it is no more than a free lunch. But as we also know now,there are no free lunches ..unless you believe in the mess that is called Obama.
When i see Obama i see a nasty man. I know no other way to put it..

I see now that it is not Sarah Palin ,or Herman Cain, (etc.) that this Government ,and politico hate,it is the idea of freedom ,and whether man can rule himself without the chains they hold on the common man.That is their greatest fear...I call it the fear of the Harvard elite.Same as was the fears of Kings and Queens.
I also know how easy it is to be corrupted, even if you have good intentions.
This is a fight that has been going on since the beginning: 

Because the ugly hate beauty...
Because age hates youth....
Because no one is perfect...and evil does not play fairly
 and especially.... because there is no way of measuring the incomparable nastiness of the human mind.

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