Sunday, March 25, 2012

Obama the great liar

                  WELCOME BACK MY FRIENDS TO THE SHOW THAT NEVER ENDS !!!             

Here is my Answer to a commenter at "Conservatives for Palin". On how Obama at least told us "exactly what he was going to do" And he won't listen to Republican "scare tactics",as he put it.

(My answer)
Scare tactics... I have no interest in wasting my time changing the minds of people like you. If the last three years of absolute misery in the housing and job markets have not been enough of a referendum on the pure ineptitude ,and cold calculating intentions of Obama ,then there is nothing left for you to do than sit on your hands,and teach the Republicans a lesson. While the ship sinks. Yes,what a great idea. Maybe we should make Obama king ,that would teach them Republicans. Maybe you deserve Obama.
 There is a time to fiddle around , but you do not fiddle while there is a charging Rhino coming at you. You move quickly to stop him....period. If that scares you ,then stay on the porch.

 You make up your own mind. Just remember there are consequences to your actions.
All hail Obama. Healer of the earth, calmer of the tides...
 and teller of the truth ? Teller of "what exactly he is going to do" as you put it.
 You've got to be kidding.
He said he was going to cut the deficit in half.. a lie . He can't even offer a budget, along with his crony friends in Congress. Hell he couldn't even commit to anything ,while in congress. He voted "present" 90% of the time.
Jobs. Where are they ? His stimulus stunk. It was paybacks for his friends, and binding ties to the federal Govt.
Shovel ready jobs. "HA HA" chuckles Mr. Obama.. I guess those shovel ready jobs are not as shovel ready as we thought. (cue the press' laughter)
Did you know he was going to run around the world calling America Divisive,derisive,and apologize to all those lovely Europeans who are all such lovely people . America has been such a thorn in the world. Did he campaign on that?
Did he campaign on the fact that he thinks the Constitution is a flawed document needing to be replaced. ,or as he puts it "fundamentally changed"..much like his mentor Derrick Bell,or Rev. Wright? No.

 God damn America !!..Did you hear that Mr. Obama? .. No,i never heard him say that..My my what an honest man.
Did he campaign on the fact that in college he hung around the "cool" people ,the Marxist professors, and the radicals. As he says in his book "Dreams of meine pappy".
 And that doesn't even scratch the surface of the story of Obama.

Sarah Palin was my choice for president. She is not running. I will not sit here and pout ,while Obama ,Soros ,and the 1960 radicals that i thought we got rid of 30 years ago,rear their ugly heads once again,  full speed ahead and hell bent on  changing this country into their own image.

I stopped talking to you after the first sentence i wrote my friend. You may retreat now, as does the ostrich. Thanks for your input.
By the way ,don't call me part of the "establishment". I'm far from that madding crowd. I have a "stink" list as long as my arm ,and Rove ,Krauthammer, Cal Thomas, Dick Morris,Coulter, Chris Christe,  Bill O'reilly, Mrs. Bush (the old lady) and many more from congress, or the  "so called" right  are on it.

 What i wrote after that first sentence was meant to be read by someone who is not interested in pouting. I am no fan of what the Republicans have done,but i am not willing to throw my country overboard to teach anybody a lesson. Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither shall  you change a country of 300 million people in one election. Washington is a hot tub (as Sarah said)What it's taken hundreds of years to pull apart... Bit by bit.. will not come together overnight..especially with almost the entire media in their pockets..
 We are awake now ,and the fight shall be long. It is an endurance race ,not a sprint. And we will win. If we have the guts ,and the smarts.
Having said that..Obama is a different kind of animal.. Yes ,there have been miserable rats on both sides of the isle. But through it all ,i have never seen the absolute disdain for America that i see in this man....As his "lovely armed" wife said"she has never been proud of her country" I believe that. 
What kind of a fool would hire Eric Holder as an attorney general? A community rabble rouser that's who. (Men who profit off the misery of others). High ideals?...Hardly. Men like Farrakhan, Jackson, Ayers,and Sharpton,and Obama .. rise out of that rubble. Blackmailers, con men, and carpetbaggers.
Now ,for the rest of the story.
I would have voted for Newt. Beyond Sarah ,he was my choice.  Like Sarah ,I believe he could do a pretty good job. Unfortunately ,the people are speaking otherwise. I can't help that though i have tried.....Romney is far ahead. It's not over and if he falters. That's fine with me. He is my last choice.

But  not voting!!! That is not an option...a "no" vote  is a vote for Obama. That i will never do.
I agree with Sarah 100%..

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