Friday, March 23, 2012

Obama is an ambulance chaser in the great tradition of opportunists.

Obama......  the show that never ends.

Obama is an opportunist in the great tradition of ambulance chasers. He is the stereo type of the underhanded Lawyer. Along with his wife who turned in her law license for an undisclosed reason. . I still want to know the whole story there.
Never does he miss a good chance to feign concern . Today it's that boy who was shot in Florida who could have looked just like his son ,if he had one.(sic).. This kind of disgusting pandering has been elevated to epic proportions with this man, and it is spreading across this country in his likeness... This is not a community organizing rally Mr. Obama.
Never has a president been such a blatant show boat. Though to be fair,that is all he ever was, and ever can be.

 Does he speak up for America when KARZAI disparages our Country and our soldiers. (The ones standing between him and pushing up daisies) Hell no,Obama is no where to be found.But if you need Contraception, he's your man..and not just contraception but he wants to rattle our freedoms. He wants to poke at them ,with a stick. This is a clever ,but a truly nasty man.
 But my oh my ,if there's a toe stubbed that he can benefit from he comes running like he's shot out of a cannon.

As for affairs of state ,he's as useless as a rubber crutch.Oh ,by the way Barack when you start peddling around town in your windmill powered bicycle ,i'll believe that oil is on it's way to being obsolete.

Once the religious ,the hunted ,the weary ,chasing the promise of freedom and hope. Came to this country to build a new vision far from the reaches of kingdoms and popes (John Kay).

 Getting away from Men like Obama are the very reason your families traveled thousands of miles across continents and oceans, deserts and mountains.


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