Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obama is just what he is supposed to be. The leopard cannot change his spots.

                                                      Barack Hussein Obama :

                                           What the hell did you expect from this man?

He is the dream president for the "far left fringe" who have indoctrinated him all his life,and they play him  like a small child? THEY KNOW FULL WELL HE CANNOT COME RIGHT OUT AND SHOW HIS HAND ,SO THEY SCOLD HIM ,AND COMPLAIN, BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE ,IT IS A SHOW. THEY KNOW WELL HOW HE HAS TO PLAY IT.

How can you  deny me my civil right to play Golf,
just because you are out of work, in debt,
and paying 4 $ a gallon for gas..
Take a number !

SOCIALIST ,MARXIST ,COMMUNIST ,you name it ,he is sympathetic to it.

Barack Obama is the perfect image of an "effete academic".  He is like Adlai Stevenson and Michael Dukakis rolled into one.
With a twist. I believe he knows the mess he is creating. That makes him dangerous..
Obama is on equal footing with floundering men like Jimmy Carter.  And it is a toss up  who is worse.
 Carter never had Obama's agenda, of diminishing, and denigrating  , America.
Obama is awkward on his feet in debate just as Hubert Humphrey was. 
 Obama's economic and Middle Eastern policies have a close resemblance to Jimmy Carter's (think meeting with Syria's Assad, the Muslim brotherhood, and being hostile to Israel).

Could Barack Obama be the perfect "progressive" president ,that these radical scum can use to destroy our beautiful country?
He lays down with these people . They visit him regularly.
They are advising him ,in every corner. He is a lackey of George Soros, and the fiddling engineering of men like Cass Sunstein, who wants to play God,with your lives.

Be careful how you vote in 2012, there is a great deal at stake.


It is not Sarah Palin who you should fear. AND YOU KNOW IT !!!


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