Wednesday, March 2, 2011


                                                             TELL ME PEOPLE !!

Is it ..."anyone can make a mistake?
Or is it..."can you believe how stupid this Obama white house  is ??

If it's this white house crew,it's the latter ,if it's Sarah Palin ,it is the former,and she is soooooo stupid . HOHOHOHO. My my my, it's just so funny. Pass me my "dickie" ,Biffy..

How long will you suffer this corrupt media,before you turn your backs on them?

Here is the story of a disgruntled man writing a book.(sigh)...what else. Story in "the daily mail"..Limey media

Quote from the daily mail, in England:
It’s in her home state, it’s America’s highest peak and she’s even climbed part of it.
But Sarah Palin seemingly cannot spell Mount McKinley.

HoHoHo ,,my my my ....cheerio !!!....Let's go and kick the Irish for sport , now.

See, they had to put “seemingly” in there to save their backsides from printing falsehoods. While Palin denied that she operates any ghost accounts, the Daily Mail saw fit to go ahead and claim this one as hers and mock it for the handle’s spelling.

The mainstream media does not find the above spelling of Libya (LYBIA), from the white house twitter ,news worthy, but oh my, Sarah Palin has a secret twitter account ( whisper ,whisper), They have uncovered the holy grail !....Shhhhhh, i'm tattling,
Wow, she spelled a word wrong. Mt. McKinley...HO HO HO ...NA NA NA NA NA NA !

These people need their diapers changed, and their dirty asses wiped.
Any mothers out there willing to help?

Today it's "the daily mail" ,in limey land. Tomorrow it will be the New York Times,or the Washington Post.
Filled with skunks,and liars. Also referred to as the mainstream media.

                                   THE  TRUTH IS ASHAMED OF THIS MEDIA

 They are all about making things up now. What's worse is, i believe it is all for ill gotten gains. They don't give a damn what's true or false. They suck up to their buddies ,and try to disgrace whomever they oppose.
 It's alright Ma, nobody with half a brain still gives a damn what the mainstream media thinks.

 Speak up against these freaks, or be complicit in their lies.

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