Thursday, June 9, 2011

Complaints About "The O'reilly Factor" . An open letter.

You asked for it ,Bill. So buckle up ,and take your medicine.

I am 57 years old ,and i don't drop my hat for any fool who tries to sell me a
fountain of youth.. I did fall for a politician like i have never known in my life, Bar none. SARAH PALIN.

What you don't get O'reilly is that this is our country ,this is not a game ..
The arrogance of you people knows no bounds .
Sarah Palin ,"she has the highest negatives" Blah ,Blah ,Blah.. You make sure you let the entire world know this . Night after night till you disgust me.
 There is not a soul in America who has not heard your pablum till it's coming out our ears.
I have no idea what Obama, Bachman, anybody's negative polling is ,but you make damn sure i know Sarah's.

 Of course they have demonised her. to the Maximum effect.
As Sarah says "do not pick a fight with those who buy ink by the barrel"
But she is a lion with out pier. She is a warrior. No question.
 She has fought where cowards fear to tread. (Read that again,it is important)
 A vanity run ?  How dare you speak so foolishly,as one who never misses an opportunity to promote himself,and his books.
 But in her case it's just "vanity". She hasn't a vain bone in her body.She could be the "darling" of any party if she were a phony.She is no such thing. ANY IDIOT COULD SEE THAT IN 5 MINUTES. I don't always see the one they fear when she is on , but at times i see it clearly.She is brilliant.She speaks for me. A common man. While Obama fumbles ,she soars.
  FROM THE HEART. Her words pierce like arrows.
 And i know why they fear her.And that is no lie,or talking point.She has a fire for the truth.

 And the oil companies ,the Republicans, And the The Democrats all hate the truth.

She is sucking air out of this campaign. Oh lord help the poor weak souls who flounder like fish in her presence.
 According to you big thinkers she has such a legion of haters that she should be tarred and feathered for being herself. And yet she makes the rest look like chumps.
Punish her for not falling in line for the greater good . Hogwash !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The people who i give a damn about come to her like no other. If you told the truth Mr. O'reilly,
 there is no other candidate, who can scratch Obama like she can.
She is the "barracuda" as she was named. She is no fluke. She is no flash in the pan. She is an all consuming fire that cannot be hid. Why she hit me like a ton of bricks, is her pure honesty.Unafraid.

I gave up on these Washington freaks long ago
 She has no fear to step on those toes of the men who have screwed this country up royally.
I think you know who they are.
If a bastard like Ted Kennedy can remain in office after leaving a woman to die a cold death.
 There is no question that there is room for a good woman to run this country.   God ,i hope so.

Britt Hume ,comes into your interview after memorial day,and says she took over the pagentry of the Rolling Thunder rally, by waltzing into the parking lot. No, your best news man is clueless. And that's half the trouble with all of you .
She was invited. She brought publicity they wanted to their event. Do your homework !

Give a good scolding to Hume ,he mailed it in.

This woman  is bright ,and i don't give a tinkers damn for you and Rove's bloviating about
"gravitas".. It's a bald faced lie. You may want to be a common man ,but you talk like a Harvard boy ,and you can't help it.She has more Gravitas then Rove ever dreamed of having .
That man held control with Bush for 8 years ,i say he flopped. Wasn't it him letting the Democrats make an ass out him, at the press corp. dinner doing some rap dance. Was that Gravitas ?

Sorry Rove,i loved her show about Alaska. It was America at it's best.

Your hypocrites. She can run because she loves this country.
She will fight ,because at risk of her own personal political harm she blasted the Republicans in Alaska.
She did a damn good job in Alaska. Much more effective than the darling Mr. Christie whom the Republicans think is the second coming because he shot his big mouth off with the teachers union. Big Deal.
She can win. I know you and about a million other big thinkers don't want to see her win,but you and your crew disparaging her motives is an abomination. And it is not lost on me,and millions of others.

 I bet  dollars to doughnuts  you don't have the courage to answer my letter.Sarah would.
 Maybe you should get off the air, your taking viewers away from Napalitano.
That's the same kind of ignorant thinking that made me write this letter.
Wake up,the world is about more than your ratings.As your buddy Dennis Miller said ,Only a sick low life could hate this woman. (Words to that effect). And i do not say you hate her,but many of those you talk to have an iron in the fire of her downfall.
I take their words with a grain of salt.
Here's a tip for you ,Bill. Have someone who actually knows Sarah Palin ,and what makes her tick,on your show.
Like Jedediah Bila, or Tammy Bruce..  I'm sorry but the men you have been speaking to ,have not got a clue. That is painfully obvious.



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