Thursday, June 30, 2011


On the subject of Sarah Palin:
I'll let some others speak the truth that should burn through your souls. You don't have to be satisfied with this corrupt Government.
                                  Infidel video is right on dead nuts about Obama.

There's More:::::
These things are certain. As president, Palin would NOT:

.....circumvent and debase the US Constitution.

.....fill her Cabinet with members that include a known tax cheat, a global warming indoctrinator, an advocate pushing a homosexual agenda within the classroom, a proponent of govt-run healthcare, and a champion of illegal immigrants and their "reconquista" movement, which promotes the annexation of US southern states by Mexico.

.....create $4 trillion in deficits and an additional (nearly) $2 trillion in Fed Reserve "asset purchases" in just two years, with the added bonus of over 2 million lost jobs.

.....use the premise of a financial collapse to steal $1 trillion in taxpayer funds under the guise of a "stimulus", in order to establish a money-laundering operation where millions of that same money (in the form of union membership dues) will be funneled back into Democrat campaign coffers.

.....nationalize a sector of the car industry and then deliberately abrogate bankruptcy and contract law in order to grant Democrat-allied unions a greater share in those companies than the original shareholder investors.

....impose drilling moratoriums on US coastal areas while loaning billions to promote Brazil's oil industry.

.....order the EPA to impose punitive taxes and regulation on US energy producers and consumers, including carbon emission tariffs, while deliberately circumventing the Congressional authority required for any cap-and-trade legislation. 

.....impose a $1 trillion health care debacle against the will of the American people and then have the gall to shamelessly lie and say "it would not add a dime" to the nation's debt.

....allow her Attorney General to oversee the illegal trade of firearms from US gun shops to Mexican drug cartels, in order to use the inevitable deaths resulting from those gun sales to systematically erode the US citizen's 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

....embark on endless campaign and fundraising trips, (interrupted only by golf outings) while surrounded by rising unemployment, the decline of goods and manufacturing production, the collapse of housing sales and prices, and the erosion of disposable income within American households through taxes, inflation and job loss.
One gaffe, - Africa is a country

Debunked. MSNBC retracted this crap.
Mistake - supporting the Road to Nowhere and then preteding she didn't.  Praising Obama's policies when she was Governor.

Palin KILLED the infamous Bridge to Nowhere. Yes, she once supported the project, but after witnessing the problems created by earmarks she changed her position and saved taxpayers millions. Even the Alaska Democratic Party gave her credit for killing the bridge.

In early August 2008, Palin praised a SPEECH given by Obama on ENERGY POLICY, saying the Democrat presidential hopeful had made 'good points,' but nowhere did she even come close to endorsing his candidacy. Obama's speech, like nearly all of his hope and change crap, was a monumental lie. This silliness was revealed in the emails that the Marx Stream Media poured over. Accounts of it are all over the Internet.
Questionable conduct? Troopergate

Sorry, no cigar. Palin was cleared of all trumped-up charges.
Vetted- try telling that to John Mcain.  He would wish

The most heavily scrutinized politician in political history. What was not vetted? Name it.
And any seriously bad emails would have been withheld on "personal content" grounds

Empty accusations. No meat. Be specific. Ask Obama to open ALL of his emails. In fact, tell him he can withhold all of the personal stuff. Crickets chirping...

I'll consider the prospect of giving you a nice going-away present...   but you have to do your part.

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