Thursday, June 23, 2011

There's a Boob in the white House. Tapping our disaster reserves of oil,and campaigning instead of getting involved in debt ceiling talks


JAMES CLYBURN ..Democratic representative of South Carolina was on the "Cavuto" show Thursday.

Eric Cantor ,and John Kyl (republicans) want Obama to get involved in debt talks. They are pulling out of the debt ceiling talks which are stalling..because the Democrats refuse to take tax hikes off the table. We have a spending problem you foolish men,not a taxing problem.
 Obama has Biden heading up negotiations on the talks. How serious could they be?
Biden is Obama's gopher on everything it seems. When it comes to actual work.

When asked by Cavuto if he's surprised the president isn't involved personally in the talks CLYBURN said he thinks the president is "involved", but he's just to busy to get DIRECTLY INVOLVED in talks. "You can't expect him to get involved personally with all the things going on in the world he's much to busy."
Unfortunately our president is campaignin' in New York this day. That's how busy he is. (sic)

What does an idiot look like? Here's a clue. It begins with CLY and ends in  BURN..That's a dumb answer. Not acceptable. Since we're rating the "stupid" answers of everybody it would seem.

Nuff' said.
 Here's a great video by "INFIDEL" which has been prophetic about the lost years of a  nation who elected a pure bred "campaigner" as a president. Tell it like it is.



Da Man is at it again.
What the heck is this fellow up to?

OBAMA is releasing 30 million barrels of oil from our emergency reserve of oil.
We have only got 726 million  barrels of oil in the reserve.

Is this the folly of a Boob?

 I contend it is. He is throwing a band aid on a deep wound that needs
some serious attention. Not just a superficial aid that may last a month.
And our sacred life saving supply of oil is not the place to go for help.
Sarah Palin would get this country moving. She would finally unleash our
American Energy industry. Instead of hindering our Independence she will make sure we are doing everything we can to be free again of dependence on people who do not like us, or our country.

The only thing he "wannabe" is a campaignin' loafer. He wanted to be president, but he doesn't want to do the work it takes to do the job. Or ,he is purposely  destructive,as an ends to a devious means.
He hides it well. Do not be fooled citizen.

How long will you suffer ,America?


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