Friday, February 18, 2011


                                                               Are they our enemies?

  The short answer is No ! I do not believe teachers are as wonderful as they are made out to be ,or as evil as some would make them out to be. (I have had some real duds ,i must admit)
Though to be fair,i am a free thinker, which does not always bode well in academia.

 Let me start by saying ,that i don't believe all of our ills  are unions ,or teachers. (As a blowhard like Chris Christie would have you believe) Not by a long shot. It is a system of greed ,and avarice. Of buying favors, and no longer believing in stealing,no matter what you take, that has been growing ,unfettered,for quite some time now. This is the real trouble, America,and the world has fallen into . The disintegration of society, of the family. It's no longer a crime to behave badly.

it is the politician,that is our biggest problem.
The social engineer.
  Mr. Man proclaimed, when he won the election in 2008, that :
 I was welled up with tears. That was a great speech. One worthy of Churchill's "Blood ,Sweat ,and Tears" ,speech.
Excuse me if i poke fun at these pundits, on both sides, who slobber all over Mr. Obama and his great orator status. I just find him less than inspiring. And quite lost without a teleprompter of pre loaded cries of "yeah we can". He usually revs up with,"Let me make one thing clear",and "there can be no doubt" and then wanders off into gargantuan bloated answers ,in which the original question gets lost. And i say ,what the hell is he talking about ? An example that comes to mind is with the Gulf oil spill ,he came on T.V. from the oval office ,and started talking boldly about the spill but degenerated into rambling on about green energy. Much like a magazine salesman that cornered my grandmother ,and me ,in our living room 50 years ago. We couldn't shut him up.
Just as today he has made a union dispute in Wisconsin, the whole country's problem.

Now ,why am i  telling you this?
Just in mockery,of the way Governor SCOTT WALKER ,could take a page out of "the Obama commandments",and grand stand. He won the election, and the people want him to balance their budget in Wisconsin. He shouldn't mind input ,but the DEMOCRATS should be in the back of the bus. Funny how things come back to bite you in the rear end. Open mouth ,insert foot.

HOW MUCH ARE THESE PROTESTING TEACHERS BEING PAID ON AVERAGE,AND WHAT ARE THEIR DEMANDS. WHAT IS BEING ASKED OF THEM,AS COMPARED TO THE REST OF SOCIETY?....These are the relevant questions. I will get into them next time. For now, i have a few thoughts.

The union leaders are using children to picket,to further their agenda, and i saw some high schoolers interviewed who did not know what they were picketing for. I despise those who would openly brainwash children into their political beliefs. Let them grow up ,before you brand them, Mr.Marx.. Piggery walks the Earth ,everywhere. Not a good point for teachers.


Now ,i am not against unions at all. I know full well that if the company could get away with it ,they would pay the worker 10 cents an hour. We need unions. But their leadership has "jumped the shark" with their demands in these past years. Treading dangerously close to tyranny.
 VIAGRA FOR THE TEACHERS... Hard to believe.

let's see how many crazy things i can find that  workers call "benefits"...( and i am not picking on them at all).
Senators ,Lawyers, as well as CEO's... ARE DOING THE SAME DAMN THING. ..somehow ,there is no way to satisfy greed,it is endless. the less resistance it gets ,the more it pushes ahead. REMEMBER WE ARE STILL SUBSIDIZING "MOHAIR" FOR WW2 MILITARY UNIFORMS. They do it ,Because they can. Nuff' said.

2) .In the gambling mecca of Atlantic City, retiring police, fire men and women hit the jackpot by collecting more than $13.7 million in cash for unused leave.As well as paid days off for Christmas shopping.
3) Free "yoga" for the unemployed in Columbus ,Ohio. (i know this is not only Govt. workers,but this is one for Ripley's)

I'm going to stop right here. i have a Yoga class ,in a half hour.I think you can look up more if your interested. And there is much,much ,more .

                                                       A MOMENT OF TRUTH
 In order to get control of government and gain support of the unions and public sector employees the radical liberals in Congress (in fact throughout the entire country) have supported unrealistic pay raises, pension benefits and all sorts of goodies for those who work at all levels of government. Who would dare vote against raising the pay and benefits of fire fighters, police,and teachers.

 Come on ,you must know you have misbehaved. After you have been a "howling brat" for so long ,and Mommy finally gives you  the licking stick, you must know you have had it coming.

The Wisconsin Democrats are in a hidey hole someplace,refusing to come out . I guess they think the mess this country is in will all melt into rainbows ,and lolly pops ,if we just close our eyes ,and wish it away.

Union workers ,not their Socialistic ,leaders, are good people. They may pout a bit ,like we all would about losing our free stuff, but in the end ,they are not fools. They know what this country is up against. ( I LEAVE OUT RIFF RAFF ,LIKE AYERS, DOEHRN, ,AND THEIR ILK,WHO HAVE "BAD BUSINESS" IN THEIR HEARTS) They are not you.

                                                             Good people.

The problem they most likely have is seeing this corrupt ,bloated, wasteful ,Government, gorging themselves on our hard earned dollars ,into oblivion, and not even pausing ,while they are being crushed under a debt so enormous ,it may tilt the earth. When i see that. I say . Dammit all ,if they will not take their licking ,why should i ,as a teacher, or the fireman,or the dog catcher, (etc)?

For me ,all roads lead back to this Government. Is there any limit to the amount they will spend on parties ,barbecues, studies, subsidies, bailouts,and toilet seats? Do we really need a a Teddy Kennedy museum, subsidized by our money? Let's ask  Mary Joe Kopechne, oh wait ,we can't she's dead. Thanks Teddy.

Bill Gates

I have a suggestion for Mr. Obama . How about investing in things we actually use ,as Sarah Palin said. things like oil,and natural gas. Instead of windmills ,and battery powered cars. If they are good for the people , they should not need to be subsidized,some bright boy will bring them to us,and we will gobble them up, when the price is right.. Right now ,they are a pipe dream of men who live in pipe dreams. Bill Gates needed no help from the Government with Microsoft ,because IT was a damn good idea.
And so the teachers see this ,and they say ,


In a way ,i don't blame them.  All in ,or all for yourselves . Which is it ,America? A house divided cannot stand
You will never get this sacrifice from men like Mr. Obama. He is puny ,when it comes to leadership.

Sarah Palin would take this burden upon herself ,to right this floundering ship, with your help. We don't need a genius, or an orator ,we need  good old fashioned  common sense, and some one who has never been indoctrinated into the Washington mentality ,of sloth,and greed. A president who has  not been soiled, by lobby's,and men in towers .  I don't doubt that this is why they hate her.
And if you are still believe that field of men, Republican, or Democrat, are going to do the right thing to save this country, you are delusional.

A person like Sarah Palin comes around one time every hundred years ,or so. Please take a close unbiased look at her. She has a fire and light in her, that cannot be hidden.

I thought this was quite good:
Carl Gordon .Whomever you are: Right on.
Tranquility? Serenity? Why dost thou evade me? As I settle taut and tidy ‘neath the banyan tree, ochre striped macaques and red-assed baboons cavort with frantic abandon ‘bove me head. And still, chaos reigns throughout the land, the “internets”, and of course, within me noggin’, wi’ out unnecessary floggin’. There, I rule the roost, with only chicken shit below me. But out there, me thinks I espied too many chicken shits, none that say “pull”, eh, but quite a few that answer to “press”. I know, I know, it takes a little patience and perhaps a wee dram to penetrate my clever iambic pentameter, as I am given to waxy poetry, rhymed and sloshed with 15 year old liquidity. Such is me lot. But these baggers and press, such a thick bunch and given to all things stupid, lock, stock and barrel. The maiden’s head and the weasel’s tail, and telling a tale told with much alack and alacrity; truth stressed and stretched on the gerund, or alas, lost in the gravy.
My only solace is perhaps that intellect win out over balderdash, or maybe just a vision of a tender lass, whose summer thin shift allows the setting sun to shine through the woof and warp of a poorly woven sheer fabric, as she stands on the hill, giving me gaze in a coveted lustful manner; her thighs inscribed with the graphic eloquence of an illuminated script of Medieval gospel or bronze age fairy tale. They’re out there talking polls, I’m seeing visions of Joanna as I try in vain to satisfy the Greek chorus with my plaintive bleating, as they toss the rotten vegetables of their own failed schemes at me every night on the evening “news”. They sure got a lot of gall! These visions of Joanna kept me up past the dawn (Sorry Bob). Somebody please tell me what salvation is like after a while. Jeez, I can’t find my knees

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