Friday, February 11, 2011

Obama and his Administration show their foolishness ,and their ignorance, again

                                                               SARAH PALIN
                                                         frames the debate once again.
 Until she came out and asked "What the hell is going on in Egypt?" ,no politicians were publicly asking questions about who these protesters are,and what are their aims, and most importantly, who will take over the rule of Egypt. They all tip toed around this group of bumblers in the white house.
We know ,Mubarak is going away,but who is taking his place. That single question may bring us to the brink of  World War 3. Depending on the answers,and i don't believe Mr. Obama has a clue how unstable this world has become (or does he. I am no longer sure about anything Mr. Obama does). This is exactly what the Communist, the Marxist, The radical left wants..........
Good grief. What is our Government smoking?
Could this administration get any more loopy than they are.
 The answer is yes.. No matter how many foolish things they say ,and do. They always manage to top themselves.
                                                                 Barack Obama
President Obama, tells students ,that the protesters are just like them. "It's a new generation, your generation kids,this is a day of transformation,because the people are calling for change". Hmmmm, just like you ,Mr. Obama.God ,help them if they get the change you brought to America..or the change Iran got ,in 1979. This man is either a clever devil, or he is plainly ignorant. His message is clearly all about trying to
miser votes for himself. (and on a more devilish level ,he may agree with the way things are playing out,secretly.) I am just not sure about this man.
This "CHAOS" is exactly what the Communist, the Marxist, The radical left wants..........   This man is a shill ,and is the farthest thing from a statesman that i have ever seen.
He is clearly enjoying the attention he gets,but as a leader, he is nothing but a self serving fumbler,at best. At worst , he is  "bad business". I DO NOT trust Mr. Obama.

                                                                 James Clapper

This is our National intelligence director? Today,this bald headed Eagle ,at an intelligence committee hearing,  pronounces that  the Muslim Brotherhood a secular bunch,and nothing at all like the other chapters in other countries. Good old boys, who condemn Al Qaeda. Nothing to see here ,please move on.
  He says:
The term Muslim Brotherhood is an umbrella term for a variety of movements. In the case of Egypt ,a very heterogeneous group,largely secular, which has eschewed violence,and decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam.they have pursed social ends,the betterment of the political order in Egypt. There is no over arching agenda ,particularly in pursuit of violence,internationally.
A "secular" group? This is a gross misrepresentation. This is our intelligence director. Man ,are we in trouble. Sorry Jimmy,but even the devil can look like an angel of the light. These men are not full of Jeffersonian principles of Democracy,they are filled with hate. Especially for Israel, and the U.S.It's not hard to find out who they are,they do not hide. The mantra is Jihad, (that means holy war),Sharia law for the entire world. The eradication of the Jews.How hard is it to find that out . This guy should know what these people are having for dinner,not fumbling with their basic intentions. They are perfectly clear. Sorry Jimmy,clap off.
 This Muslim brotherhood was created to establish global "sharia law". Remember Anwar Sadat was killed ,by the Muslim Brotherhood,because of his support for Israel ,and the camp David accords.
.What rock has this guy been living under?
Whether you are a fan of the Jews or not, nobody should accept the calling for a genocide of an entire race of people, as normal.

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