Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Obama , Clinton,and this Government have contradicted themselves,talked over one another. Disavowed each other, did not see this unrest in Egypt coming,and generally fumbled this whole mess.

                                                                       IN EGYPT

               A lot has been said about the Muslim Brotherhood,and whether they they will have a place in the new Egyptian Government. If they do can Freedom for the people be a reality? Many , news people ,including Bill Kristol(weekly standard),and others on the right,along with all the left wing loons like Chris Mattews,and the pack at CNBC,think all is well with the world...
 Kristol thinks the people over there are all just like the people of 1776,in our own American revolution. No problems. Just good guys.
 People like Sarah Palin,are to stupid to understand,that this is not at all like Tehran ,in 1979.. They should just "shut up". I guess i am to stupid to understand too. Things do not add up.

My, my ,it's only men like Kristol, and stuttering Krauthammer ,the genius who thought Walter Mondale ,should be president, (sic) have all the answers. Krauthammer is easy to coddle ,Bill Clinton admired him ,and he rolled over for him,like a dog.
You decide if you think  Bill Kristol, and his Television comrades on the left,are right. (yuck)
So let's take an objective look, at "The Muslim Brotherhood"

1) This is the group that birthed "Hamas" and "Al Qaeda"
2) Al Qaeda's current commander was a member
3) Mohammed Atta ,9/11 terrorist ,was a member.
4)Kalid Sheik Mohammad ,mastermind of 9/11, and the man who personally murdered American ,Daniel Pearl,was a member

Their stated goal in the U.S.:
       The Brotherhood,must understand that their work in America, is kind of a grand "Jihad",in eliminating ,and destroying the western civilization,from within. And sabotaging it's  miserable house ,by their hands,and the hands of believers, so that it is eliminated ,and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.

Now ,what does that sound like to you?..You decide.

What does President Obama say about the Muslim Brotherhood?

I think that the Muslim Brotherhood is one faction,in Egypt. They don't have majority support ,in Egypt.
But they are well organized ,and there are strains of their ideology that are anti U.S.

You think so Barack? It would seem they decidedly hate the U.S. And yet he has said OUR GOVERNMENT would sit down with them.

What does Michael Scheuer, PHD ,and former counter terrorism analyst ,who wrote a bio on Bin Laden,say about the Brotherhood.

I think the Brotherhood is a very powerful organization,it also is the only alternative to Mubarak, in terms of talent to govern. They have a tremendous following ,in the grass roots ,poor Muslims ,in Egypt.It seems some kind of a new Democratic Government, will have to include some part of the brotherhood.

Again ,this is not our choice ,the people of Egypt will decide their own fate. 
But i think you can put 2+2 together ,and see what that fate is going to be. Lets not sit here like fools.

Let's see what the Muslim Brotherhood leaders have to say, about the state of the world.
Their leaders in their own words: Translated by Memri TV. org

1)Allah commanded us to wage "Jihad",we are among the owners of the great respectable Egypt.
The Egypt that is full of men who are "God fearing",who proclaim the truth ,and work toward it's revival.

2)The Muslim Brotherhood still considers the "Zionist's",to be it's main and only enemy. The Jews who occupy Palestine have their eyes set on Egypt.

3)(interview) I'd like to go back to the issue of Al Qaeda. There is no such thing as Al Qaeda.This is an American invention. So they would have something to fight for.

4) Because a nation that does not excel at the industry of death,does not deserve life

5)They wish to impose "Sharia law" on the entire world. Which includes honor killings,stoning,and the death penalty ,if you leave Islam.

6) They called for an "international day of rage" ,when they saw the Danish cartoon depicting Muhammad ,and they got one.

7) Throughout history ,Allah ,has imposed upon the Jews,people who would punish them for their corruption.The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. By means of all thing he did to them,even though they exaggerated the issue. He managed to put them in their place.

8) The right of the "collective" supercedes the right of the individual (Islamic Socialism)

9) Oh, Allah, take this , oppressive, tyrannical band of people. Oh Allah ,take this oppressive ,Jewish,Zionist ,band of people. Oh  Allah,do not spare a single one of them.
Count their numbers ,and kill them ,down to the very last one.

10) They do not have bombs ,so they turn themselves into human bombs. This is a necessity. I permit this for the Palestinians. He also says we have the "Children bombs"(this is the man who is widely accepted ,as the spiritual, and intellectual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood)

Now ,as Glenn Beck said , I don't see John Adams ,or George Washington,in that group ,do you?
Not much like our revolution in 1776 at all. I saw hate ,mostly. Not men looking to free an oppressed people.

The people of Egypt ,how do they feel about the state of the world ? Their version of freedom is very different from ours. They polled the man on the street in Egypt. Here's what they found:

1) 82% of the people are for "stoning" people who commit adultery.
2) 77% support ,whipping ,and cutting off the hands of  those who commit theft or robbery.
3) 84% of the people believe that you should be killed for leaving your religion. (Muslim)
4) 49% view "Hamas" favorably ,in Egypt. (The Muslim Brotherhood is the group that created Hamas)

Could this get any more black and white ,Bill Kristol?  These men are not hiding. It would seem that our press is to lazy to do any real investigation anymore. They sit, pontificating, like fat calf's,waiting to be fed. Yes,i'm talking to you.

I'm with Sarah Palin, what is going on here?
Who,What ,When ,Why,Where?.....we do not know.

Obama , Clinton,and this Government have contradicted themselves,talked over one another. Disavowed each other, did not see this coming,and generally fumbled this whole mess. And it isn't over,by a long shot.

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